About Ugo Capeto

This is usually where there is a bio written in the third person but not here.

I am not completely sure what kind of music I make in terms of genre or sub-genre. One thing’s for sure, it’s not dance music and it really does not sound like anything else out there. If you really want to assign genres to my music, I would suggest ambient, downtempo, progressive, fusion, and maybe post-something. Since I am really into melodies, I have often tagged my tracks as “melodic electronica” but I am not sure it is a real genre.

I make music either on my trusted laptop using a MIDI step sequencer (FL Studio, to name it) and a collection of free VST plugins, or on my Nintendo DS using “Korg DS-10″, a cart that emulates the sweet analog sounds of the legendary Korg MS-10 synthesizer.

I sometime call the music I make "midi music". It might sound pejorative but that's exactly what it is in a technical sense. I am really not trying to convince the listener that whatever he/she is hearing comes from real instruments, well, because it really does not. Why hide that fact by, for example, shifting the notes to make them less quantized and hoping for a less mechanical overall sound? I just don't want to play that game because, to me at least, what's important are the melodies and the emotions that go along with them. I am really not a producer, I am just a music maker.

I am not sure it’s that relevant but my background is in engineering and I am from the Boston area.

I am always open to collaborations, especially if you want to make my tracks sound more professional and less raw, perhaps.

If you want to use any of my tracks for a video or a movie, I’d be delighted and more than happy to help.

If you wish to contact me for any reason, my address is ugocapetodifrancia at gmail dot com. Other less old fashioned ways ways to contact me: Ugo Capeto on Twitter or Ugo Capeto on Facebook. There's also Ugo Capeto Music on Facebook which is my official facebook page (You are quite welcome to like it!)

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